Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Extracting our fears

It's no surprise that so far in Costa Rica, we've done and seen a ton of things that we'd never be exposed to at Colgate. Huge bullet ants (that have one of the most painful stings in the world), venomous and non venomous snakes, howler monkeys, strange mosquitoes, and of course climbing 100ft into the rainforest canopy. These are all things that at least one of us is afraid of, and are all fears that we've had to face and conquer during our time here so far.

 The Extractor- extracting fears (and bug bite poison) since day one.

Lindsay and Providence? Well, let's just say that spiders and snakes, respectively, aren't our best friends. We were terrified of seeing them when we got here, so we were constantly on high alert, searching for them to make sure they stayed as far away from us as possible. But low and behold, the fears have been conquered! All of our conversations with Cat and Carrie combined with our instances of facing our fears have taught all four of us that it's insanely important to have each others backs, and push one another to break boundaries and step outside of our comfort zones.



Seems excited while handling that cloudy slugeater snake? See the video for proof that Providence was a little scared when the snake was handed to her...

 Lindsay got up close and personal with this spider so she could take this picture. It's blurry because she's shaking with fear

 Best way to conquer your fear of the bullet ant? Get stung by one of its sister species.


Shannon and Cat climbing 100ft into the canopy, no big deal... conquering those fears like a champ.

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