Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Day Off

We had our first day off at the end of last week!  We were so excited because we knew how rare an entire day off was here.  After hours of discussing what to do with our day, we decided to go downtown and experience the non-research side of Costa Rica for a few hours. We headed to a restaurant/pool called Ada Ambigua and spent the morning poolside- reading, relaxing, and swimming.  The UVs are so strong here that we literally all tanned in an hour (or in Shannon’s case, burned).

We grabbed lunch at the restaurant before heading back to the station for a relaxing afternoon
where Thomas, Lindsay and I (Shannon) relaxed and slept while Prov took one for the team and volunteered to go back to work.

 Left: lunch at Ada Ambigua.  The best part of this restaurant (In my opinion) is the seemingly inexhaustible drink menu!


 Reading and relaxing by the pool while getting our vitamin D!


Now on a different note.... fast forward to today. 
This morning, Sarah, a science writer who has joined us for the past 2 weeks to help us out and write about our project, left.  Last night, we decided to hang out all night on a porch we have and socialize.  Sitting together under the stars, surrounded by the beautiful sounds of the rain forest, and with people we have grown close to in the past few weeks was an amazing moment to share with one another.  She will surely be missed.
The porch we all enjoy socializing on (From left to right: Sarah, Cat, Prov, Thomas, and Lindsay)

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